The Singing Tree會唱歌的樹

The Singing Tree會唱歌的樹


The Singing Tree, a wind- powered musical sculpture on top of Lancashire's Crown Point, overlooking Burnley, UK.

The tree is constructed of stacked pipes that are different lengths and are oriented to lean into the wind.As the wind passes through the pipes, it plays different chords.Each time you sit under the tree, you will hear a different song.


The Singing Ringing Tree is a wind powered sound sculpture resembling a tree set in the landscape of the Pennine hill range overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, England.

Singing Ringing Tree
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Singing Ringing Tree is located in the Borough of Burnley

Singing Ringing Tree

Singing Ringing Tree

Location in the Borough of Burnley

Artist Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu
Year 2006
Dimensions 3 m (9.8 ft)
  53°45′23.90″N 2°13′37.99″W

Completed in 2006, it is part of the series of four sculptures within the Panopticons arts and regeneration project created by the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN). The project was set up to erect a series of 21st-century landmarks, or Panopticons (structures providing a comprehensive view), across East Lancashire as symbols of the renaissance of the area.

Designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu of Tonkin Liu, the Singing Ringing Tree is a 3-metre (10 ft) tall construction comprising pipes of galvanised steel which harness the energy of the wind to produce a slightly discordant and penetrating choral sound covering a range of several octaves. Some of the pipes are primarily structural and visual elements, while others have been cut across their width enabling the sound. The harmonic and singing qualities of the tree were produced by tuning the pipes according to their length by adding holes to the underside of each.

In 2007, the sculpture won (along with 13 other candidates) the National Award of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for architectural excellence.

In March 2017, a second Singing Ringing Tree was set on the outskirts of Austin, Texas in the United States in the rural area of a small town called Manor.





由建築師Mike Tonkin和Tonkin Liu的Anna Liu設計的“鳴鈴樹”是3米(10英尺)高的建築,由鍍鋅鋼管構成,利用風






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